WTWHA Board Meeting Agenda for July 2024

Agenda for July 9, 2024 Board Meeting

Wolf Trap Woods Homes Association


1.         Call to Order: The July meeting will be held at the McLean Bible and via Zoom.  Vice President to preside.

2.         Roll Call:

3.         Review and Approval of May and June Minutes:

4.         Officer Reports: 

                 ·      Treasurer

o   Status of finances 

o   Status of management co. support: Sentry / Sequoia

·      Secretary

                   Update on 5th Board position 

o   Status of WTWHA database review:  directory of owners & directory of resident emails

o   Status of plans for digitizing records

·      External Affairs Committee

o   Survey to identify property boundaries at HOA entrances

o   Planting trees at Woods entrance

·      Maintenance Committee

o   Progress on tennis court 

o   Selection of contractor for Glenridge stairs

o   Plan for dealing with coyotes 

o   Wood / debris dumping along Laurel Hill Road 

o   Low-hanging branch over Laurel Hill Road 

5.      Homeowner Input (time limit 2 minutes each)                   

6.      Old Business

o   Invasive species update: bamboo & stilt grass

o Reforestation update

o Dead pine tree over home owners property

o   Plans for follow-up with Senator and NPS Ranger

o   Status of assessment increase plan

7.         New Business

o  Forthcoming responses to homeowner Annual Meeting comments and recommendations 

o   Utilizing the volunteer list from the Annual Meeting (e.g., The Wolf’s Howl editor and others)

o     Forming an ad hoc committee to identify and research potential capital expenditure projects to fund with VDOT $$

o    Survey of homeowners to determine if Covenants and By-Laws should be updated

8.        Executive Session:  Status of violations.  

9.        Adjournment:

10.      Next Meeting: The next Board meeting will be held on August 13, 2024 .

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